Saturday, April 23, 2011

About me

Hello, I'm Zoraida and this is my first blog post here although I do have a blog on my Artfire studio – .  I’m excited to start posting and hope that eventually, I’ll be good at it.    
I am an artist at heart- I love to draw, especially in color pencil and I sometimes work in pastels, creating illustrations of natural things like, birds and flowers.  I also enjoy craft of all kinds.  Crochet, calligraphy, painting bird houses - anything made with by my own hands. 
As a person in love with the natural world , I also embrace natural health.  I have a BS in natural health with an herbal studies specialization.  While I don’t work in that field, it is an everyday part of my life.
Creating jewelry is a passion of mine.  I love working with wire especially combined with semi-precious gemstones.  Copper has become my metal of choice not only because of its’ affordability, but I’ve come  appreciate all of the colors and the malleability of this metal.
 Copper is wonderful to bend and twist into all sorts of designs.  It can be bright and shiny, antiqued to look like an heirloom piece or imbued with a color patina.  All of these look fabulous in jewelry and sculpture.  
I have to admit that at one time I looked down on copper in jewelry and would not have considered it worthy in terms of good jewelry. Copper is still considered fashion jewelry by many and although there is nothing wrong with that, I do think it deserves a higher ranking.  It is the first metal to have been mined and there are many examples of ancient jewelry and other artifacts in copper still around today.  Many of which have been decorated with fine gems.