Sunday, May 22, 2011

Featured Artist - Sam Bros

I attended the Asian American Festival at Hempstead, NY and it was a cultural feast.  I posted some photos on my facebook page!/media/set/?set=a.209992405707939.52964.100000915436697  for all to enjoy.

One of the vendors at the fair was Shinrin Art (Sam Bros) who has an online shop on Artifre -

Sam is an American Manga artist and an awesome photographer.  She has published two manga (Japanese graphic novels) thus far and is working on her third.  These manga are of her own character, Ronin Yoshino and she has done extensive research on Japanese culture and history to create an authentic feeling.   The story is a fantasy,  full of mythical beings, great adventures and is quite intriguing.   Her work is amazing!

Sam begins her illustrations by creating a pencil drawing in fine line. She then inks it in, scans it, and finally colors it on her computer.   The result is fantastic.  She has a keen eye for detail her compostions are beautiful.  

Sam is also a photographer.  She is most interested in nature, wildlife,  cultural events, and some current events as well. 

Visit her shop at  where you can connect to her various websites, blogs and more. 
Here are samples of her art: 


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