Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to make copper leaf earrings

Copper Leaf Earrings
Copper Leaf Earrings
These simple earrings were my first attempt at working with copper sheet (36 gauge).  I didn't think they were good enough to display but I do like the way they turned out, so here they are.

To create them, I cut a section of copper sheet and drew some leaves on it with a regular pen.

I then cut out the leaves with my brand new shears and filed and sanded around the edges to eliminate the sharp edges.

I should have used some kind of glove, but I didn't have any and was anxious to get started.

I punched holes at the top of each leaf with a small hole punching thing I've had for years and used to make holes in coins.

Next, I decided which side of the leaves would be the front, slightly folded them in that direction then reopened them to create a crease down the center.

From the back of the leaves I worked a pencil point to rub between the veins in the leaves to make them puff out and create some texture.

Finally, I twisted the leaves a little at various points to make them look more realistic.

I attached a 20 gauge copper wire about 2" long with a small loop through the hole in the leaf.

I added a bead for weight and color (the leaf is very light weight which gives them nice movement).

The wire was then shaped to form the earwire, hammered a little, and the ends rounded with a file.

So here they are. I hope someone else likes them too.


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