Saturday, June 11, 2011

New blog at WordPress

I've moved my blog to -

Please follow me there.  Im sorry for my lack of response to your comments here.   I was not able to, or could not figure out how to respond to comments.    

I will now be able to do that at WordPress!!!!!   Yay!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This week's featured artisan - Tali's Creations

This weeks Featured Artisan is Tali - Tali's Creations! Beautiful creations by a beautiful lady! You can find Tali's Creations at:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artfire- The best online marketplace

This is a picture of my Artfire studio,  where I sell my handmade jewelry.  Don't you think it's attractive?
I think Artfire is the best online marketplace out there.  I’ve tried several others and dropped every one.  They were learning experiences at best which did help me to appreciate Artfire more. Here are some reasons why I think Artfire is great: 

  • Artfire studios are beautiful.  The banners are large and you can upload your own image in sizes big enough to really pop.  This can be personalized to be very attractive and distinctive.  I’ve had shops on two very well known online marketplaces, and some lesser known sites, all of which I no longer use.  The overall appearance of the shops on the best known of these marketplaces is extremely dull to me. There is a consistent monotony throughout the shops that makes it difficult to distinguish one from the other. They all seem to have a bland appearance that detracts from the artistry of the sellers. I also found them somewhat difficult to navigate and disliked the tiny, barely visible, almost hidden, shop name in tiny print.

  • Artfire shops are as beautiful and attractive as you want to make them. Each shop is distinctive and unique. As an artist, the look of my studio is extremely important to me. I want to be able to distinguish the different pages easily and for everyone to see the name of the studio they’re visiting.   
  • Artfire has no insertion fees. You can list an endless number of items in your shop at no additional costs.  There is no time limit on your item listings so you don’t have to relist your items.   
  • Artfire is extremely easy to use.  I am not especially accomplished at the computer.  Building websites is not something I can do.  I want to spend as little time designing my shop as I can so that I can create my jewelry instead.  The help guides, the customer service, the forums and the guilds are wonderful.  All of the technical aspects of selling are done for you.  My daughter has opened a studio on Artfire as well-  She has many sites and is very good at designing them but prefers Artfire! . 
  • The ability to include up to ten, large images for each item is an additional plus. You can be very creative with your photos instead of limiting them to four or five of your “best” images.      
  • Artfire is very inexpensive to maintain with a very low monthly fee.  I was lucky enough to get in during the big promotion and pay only $5.95 per month.  That is incredible!
  •  I love it that I can inset widgets that link to my various interests right on my shop pages as well as links to my facebook , twitter, and this blog.   You can  maintain a blog on your shop to update and add photos, links, whatever. There is also a gallery for you to dress up with photos of items you’ve sold on Artfire or elsewhere. 
  • There is wonderful community feeling on Artfire with many guilds, forums and, one of my favorite things to do - create collections to showcase the work of other artisans. 
  • The Artfire Kiosk on my facebook business page  is a wonderful tool.  Fans can like, view interact and shop right from facebook.  That is awesome!
I can probably list another dozen things I love about Artfire but I think you should check it out yourself.  Once you do, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to set up shop there.  There's  good reason why Artfire in Number One.